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Upland CERT Membership Policy



          1‐ Complete the Basic CERT Course IS 317(Classroom version).
          2‐ Participate in Loyalty Oath Swearing‐In.
          3‐ Submit Disaster Service Worker Registration Form.
          4‐ Submit Upland CERT Code of Conduct/Loyalty Oath Form.
          5‐ Complete & maintain First Aid / CPR / AED Certification 1
          6‐ Obtain a favorable Life Scan and/or city background check.

It is recommended that Community Responders complete:
           IS 505 – Religious and Cultural Literacy and Competency

A Community Responder (Level 3) may be called out to assist the organization or the city in time of need. A Level 3 shall attend a minimum of one bi‐monthly training per year. Upon attaining Level 3, the responder will be issued a CERT Community Responder ID Card.



           1‐ Attain and maintain Level 3 requirements.
           2‐ Complete IS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System.
           3‐ Complete IS 700 – National Incident Management System.
           4‐ Complete one of the following:
                   a. HAM Radio License
                   b. American Red Cross Shelter Fundamentals Course
                   c. UPD Traffic Management/Control Course

It is recommended that Specialist Responders complete:
            IS 201 – Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan

A Specialist Responder (Level 2) may be called out for both emergency response and organizational service. A Level 2 may be used as a CERT Team Leader for activities, events, etc. A Level 2 shall attend a minimum of 50% of training opportunities 2 and 25% organizational activities and events to maintain Level 2 status. Upon attaining Level 2, the responder shall return the Level 3 ID Card and be issued a Specialist Responder ID Card.


           1‐ Attain and maintain Level 3 & 2 requirements.
           2‐ Complete IS 200 – ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents.
           3‐ Complete IS 230 – Fundamentals of Emergency Management 3
           4‐ Complete any two of the following:
                   a. IS 240 – Leadership and Influence
                   b. IS 241– Decision Making and Problem Solving
                   c. IS 242 – Effective Communication

It is recommended that Command Responders complete the Train‐the Trainer Course.

A Command Responder (Level 1) may be called out for both emergency response and organizational service. A Level 1 shall assume the role of CERT Incident Commander as soon as possible in case of emergency. A Level 1 shall assist in teaching and training new CERT applicants and lead on‐going training programs. A Level 1 must attend a minimum of 50% of CERT training opportunities 2, 50% of CERT service call‐out activities and 25% of other CERT activities to maintain Level 1 status. Upon attaining Level 1, the responder shall return all previous ID Cards and be issued a Command Responder ID Card.


           ( 1 ) Certification is granted by American Red Cross or American Heart       

           ( 2 ) Serving as Instructor or Asst. Instructor at the Basic CERT class

                   may be substituted for one bi-monthly training.                     
           ( 3 ) Former IS 1a fulfills this requirement.

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