Key People

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of volunteers are the backbone of Upland CERT. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop and grow.


Joe Camacho

Executive Officer

Young Man with Glasses

Ralph Taylor

Deputy Executive Officer


Neil Gerard

Administration Officer


Jigish Shah

Finance Officer

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Don Pound

Volunteer Coordinator

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Tim McClanahan

Training Officer

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Mark Floyd

Logistics Officer

Elle Reinhardt

Recording Officer


Lucinda Taylor


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Sally Zailo



Gunther Seidel



Stewart Fernmenick


 A Message from our Executive Officer

For the current year, we have outlined three goals for Upland CERT.  We all joined CERT to learn and to provide service to our community.  We would like to find more ways to work with both the San Bernardino County Fire Department and the Upland Police Department so that both agencies view us as a valued resource and call us whenever needed.  The Upland CERT program needs more volunteers. I would like us to reduce the number of “train and release” and increase the number of individuals who, upon completion of our training, join the organization.  There is lots of room for growth and lots of unmet need that can only be accomplished with a larger organization. No CERT organization can operate alone.  I would like to continue and expand our multi-city approach to training and service with our neighboring CERT programs.  Claremont, LaVerne and Rancho Cucamonga have strong programs and we should continue to partner with them, share resources and learn from each other.  We also have an opportunity to support Montclair as they try to build their CERT program.

 Our hope is that each goal will support and amplify the others.  More service opportunities will lead to more members.  More members will enable us to do more service.  Intercity cooperation enhances all programs and allows more opportunities for service and training.

Joe Camacho